Author: abaa

Conjugal enigma

A time came and from nowhere a gale blusteredThe glass of the double-handled lantern was instantly shatteredThe bright beaming beautiful backstage in a blink became blankAs the handles flew apart, giving in to a crack.There was ushered grave-darkness (doused was the main source of light!)Leaving the ménage scampering for an exit- suddenly blindOne hit the wall and […]

The awakening tide

As Santa sauntered sated as a schoolboyAnd friends, and foes fasted and feastedThe poor biting bitter bulbs and berriesThe affluent belching buttered brown bread and brawnSome sitting, some standing, some strolling on sandy shoresOthers, splashing or swimming to slay simmering steamA seismic shocker seized and stirred Bengal Bay SeaProvoking a ruthless monster that rushed ashore […]

Callow captains

Their calloused hands are captains of countless choresTheir indurate thorn-punctured palms are invaded by infectious soresThe once-delicate soles of their feet are charred by the sun-baked soilAs bare-footed in the rich man’s gardens, and grazing fields, and quarries, they toil. Each rock and stone along the paths, on the roads, and in every trail knowsThe […]

Condonable lessons

I don’t have to tell you when I was exactly bornBut since then, many have befriended me (and have won)People have called me names, some indeed very funnySocks, sheath, CD, rubber… and Johnny. Condom is my real name though I mind not the restYou can refer to me by that which you think is bestBut […]

Giving up on her

I ache from a love undying yet unrequitedThe excruciating pain to none can be equatedAn attempt to cry yields an endless groanIts reverberations tumultuous to be mine own. Let this paper be, then, my elocutionA liaison that pleads for an end to this tribulationFor Miss Jawb I’ve composed love songs, and poems tooAnd written a myriad a billet-doux […]


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