Conjugal enigma

A time came and from nowhere a gale blustered
The glass of the double-handled lantern was instantly shattered
The bright beaming beautiful backstage in a blink became blank
As the handles flew apart, giving in to a crack.
There was ushered grave-darkness (doused was the main source of light!)
Leaving the ménage scampering for an exit- suddenly blind
One hit the wall and the other the locked door
Another banged on to furniture and the other bit the floor
Then they all crushed with the first- all four
Stemma-bound, collectively-pondering where to go!

What source, what force birthed such a gale?
They wondered if any one could ever tell
What was the provenance in a room all spaces thought sealed?
They pondered juddering, cold, frozen, chilled!
They were thrown in the dumps by the gushing gust
An enigma to them- the first to the last
For I, the first, was then as old as the last
But the last then would soon be the second last! A time came and from somewhere the gale blustered
Leaving my siblings and I with questions unanswered.